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Queensland Government clarifies laws on American Pit Bulls

Media Release

Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

The Honourable Desley Boyle


Confusion over American Staffies no longer: Minister

Local Government Minister Desley Boyle has today announced she will amend the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 to clarify once and for all that American Staffordshire terriers are not classified as "restricted dogs".

This follows a Supreme Court case in April, Gold Coast City Council v. Chivers, which ruled the Amstaff involved was the same as a restricted American Pit bull.

Ms Boyle said pit bulls have been prohibited by many Queensland Councils under their local laws, listed as "restricted" under State legislation and banned from importation by the Commonwealth.

There are an estimated 4,000 Amstaffs in Queensland, some 230 on the Gold Coast.

"The amendment will state categorically that for the purposes of the Act, Amstaffs will not be considered the same as the restricted pit bulls," Ms Boyle said.

"This will give Amstaff owners especially on the Gold Coast certainty about their rights and obligations yet it will give Queens landers peace of mind that the legislation's tough penalties remain for irresponsible pet owners whose dogs cause fear or harm," she said.

"While it was never the State's intention for the Act to classify Amstaffs as restricted dogs, the recent court case has meant the amendment is now necessary."

It is generally accepted among experts that Amstaffs and pit bulls descended from Staffordshire bull terrier-type dogs however the restricted pit bulls were bred specifically as fighting animals.

Amstaffs on the other hand were bred almost exclusively as show and companion dogs, widely recognised as trainable and family-friendly pets.

Amstaffs are even used as therapy dogs including in hospitals. Well-known Brisbane Amstaff Nudie, owned by Mrs Melissa Greenall, visits aged-care facilities, special care and children's wards.

"Importantly the proposed amendment to the legislation will not compromise community safety as owners of all dogs, including Amstaff owners, will be held accountable for the behaviour of their charges," said the Minister.

"The same rules apply to all dog owners and you will feel the full weight of the law if your dog behaves badly or causes harm."

If a dog bites someone, Ms Boyle said a fine of up to $30,000 can apply under the Act and the dog can be seized by Council and declared as dangerous.

"If a dog bails someone up on the street, a fine of $2,000 can apply and Council can declare the animal as menacing," she said.

"Special provisions apply to animals declared as dangerous or menacing, such as fencing, muzzling and kennel requirements.

"I take this opportunity to thank Dogs Queensland President Barry Vickers in particularly and his team who have worked with departmental officers in sorting out the confusions flowing from the recent court decision and this amendment will put the matter to rest.

Centrebet betting tips ALP win

Today's Herald/Nielsen poll in The Sydney Morning Herald showing a 52:48 two-party preferred split to Tony Abbott may well prove a "rogue poll" - the sort of result dreaded by pollsters which are one-off aberrations of voters' true intentions.
At the other end of the political spectrum, the latest figures must be very heartening for Julia Gillard and the ALP.
In the critical NSW seat of Eden-Monaro, Labor's Mike Kelly is listed at $1.32 while the Liberal candidate is running a clear second at $3.10.  For decades, whichever party wins Eden-Monaro wins the nation.
At a national level, the ALP is $1.42 while the Coalition is languishing under the Mad Monk at $2.75.
On those figures, Julia Gillard can take great comfort over the next 3 weeks.
It's often been said the Centrebet bookies know best, so despite today's SMH poll, the Mad Monk should keep his budgie-smugglers close by as he will have plenty of time to relax over the next three years as the defeated Federal Opposition Leader.
How soon before Malcom Turnbull proves the souffle can rise twice?

Would You Post that on a Billboard? Then Don’t Post it on Facebook

Residents are urged to be aware of new, increasingly sophisticated forms of fraud and ID theft. 
Speaking at a conference on fraud and ID theft organised by Crime Stoppers, Police Minister Michael Daley said that NSW Police detectives were seeing new scams, where personal information gleaned off social networking sites was then used to target victims over the phone, or by email. 
"For all its benefits, technology has made it easier than ever for criminals to separate people from their hard-earned money," he said. 
"In the past, criminals have sourced their information about an individual by rummaging through garbage bins for bank statements, tax returns, any documents which can be used to compile a profile on a person.
"These days, social media and networking sites are routinely 'surfed' to compile a profile on a target individual.
"The people compiling the profiles are not necessarily the people who will scam you. The information-compilers will often on-sell their data to scammers," Mr Daley said. 
The advice follows new figures released by the Attorney General showing that since new laws targeting identity crime were introduced, police have issued some 50 court attendance notices.  The DPP has also advised that 18 matters involving 111 counts are currently being prosecuted in the District Court.
"These new offences, which commenced on 22 February this year, recognize that crime is evolving, and that criminals are now dealing in information that can be used by others to commit crimes like fraud" NSW Attorney General John Hatzistergos.
The laws make it a crime to sell, use, or possess identification information with criminal intent. 
"These figures showing the number of charges since the laws commenced demonstrate that Police are working hard to stamp out a crime that costs the Australian community nearly $1 billion a year" he said.
Mr Daley gave an example of a recent scam through which a woman was told in an online chat room that they thought their mum went to school with the target's mum. 
The alleged offender then asked for the victim's maiden name – a common security question for various accounts to verify a person's identity.
Mr Daley said that once a scammer has personal information such as your date of birth, address, occupation or mother's maiden name – it can be very easy for them to convince a victim that they are from a legitimate Government agency. 
"There have been approximately 120 reports since mid-February of a new scam that involves the scammer contacting the victim, and purporting to work for the Australian Tax Office or another Government Agency or a bank," he said. 
"These scammers use information gleaned off social-networking sites or chat-rooms to convince their target that they are from a legitimate organisation. 
"Scammers are typically excellent salesmen, they are people who can 'read' individuals.
"They know how to appeal to a person's weaknesses, be it a person willing to pay money to secure a fictional lottery win in Nigeria or a beautiful Russian bride. 
"So I'd ask the community to protect their online information and to remember that if the offer is too good to be true, it probably is," Mr Daley said. 
Tips and Hints:
• Never put any information about yourself on a social networking wall that you would not feel comfortable also putting on a billboard on a busy road;
• Is the person who wants to be "friended" actually who they say they? Make sure you know the people you are adding as friends; 
• Ensure your security settings are up to date and your page is not available to everyone.
• Information which can be used by criminals includes; date of birth, address, photos and images suitable for ID Theft, occupation, pets names (a common password choice),
when people are going on holidays, or information about the purchase of a new home, car or holiday house. 
In the current scam, the offender convinces the recipient that they have been selected from a number of people who are eligible to claim a reward for continually paying their taxes or they have been overcharged bank fees or Government fees. 
The caller promises to have funds electronically sent to their bank account if the details of this (with other personal identification details) are supplied verbally. 
The details provided then allow the offender to withdraw funds from the victim's bank account.   
The offender could also request that money be sent via Western Union as a form of "advance".  This is represented as a Service Fee, Transfer Request or a Rebate Fee. 
Very recently these representations have been made by email, with very authentic looking logos and a convincing, but fake, Tax Office form. The email may also direct victims to a bogus ATO website and request personal identification and financial information. 
Any person who believes they may have received such telephone call or email of this nature is advised to report the matter to the local police. 
Under no circumstances should they respond to or engage in further communication with the caller / sender of suspicious email.

Australian Telco bombshell: Telstra fined $18.5million for blocking broadband competitors

TELSTRA has been fined $18.5 million for illegally blocking broadband competitors from using its local exchanges.
The corporate watchdog had pushed for a $40 million fine for the breaches, which occurred between January 2006 and February 2008, but Justice John Middleton believed the telco's conduct was not deliberately anti-competitive.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission had taken Telstra to the Federal Court of Australia for refusing competitors access 27 times to installing ADSL equipment at seven exchanges around Australia.
Justice Middleton said Telstra's relevant managers and employees who denied the access were either not properly trained in regard to access obligations or failed to comply with their training.
He said Telstra had no adequate system in place to check on compliance.
``In most cases Telstra staff did not understand their responsibilities or roles within Telstra,'' Justice Middleton said.
He also said Telstra had shown no remorse during the proceedings.
``I am not satisfied, however, that Telstra has demonstrated any remorse, nor that it appreciates the seriousness of its conduct,'' he said.
A Telstra spokeswoman said the telco had acknowledged mistakes were made and will not be appealing the decision.
``Since these events occurred, Telstra has taken proactive steps to improve our processes in this area, and more generally, to improve service to our wholesale customers,'' the spokeswoman said.
``We have learned a lot as a result of this process and like many changes at Telstra, we are endeavouring to improve our performance.
``Since the start of the case, we have acknowledged that mistakes were made. We accept the judgment which has been handed down - we will not be appealing.''

LNP loses candidate in mysterious circumstances in the Federal seat of Oxley

What is the real reason behind the withdrawal of the LNP candidate James Downing for the safe Labor seat of Oxley?
Rumours circulating in the electorate are that James was in perfectly good health until he heard that he was about to face a torrent of embarrassing publicity which could have seen the minority LNP vote dip even further, giving Bernie Ripoll one of the safest Labor seats in Queensland.
James' good health suddenly took a turn for the worse and a tap on the shoulder from the Liberal / National Party bosses in Brisbane's saw one of the shortest political careers in Australian history come to a sudden end.
Out of the public spotlight, James' quick recuperative abilities have apparently seen his good health magically restored! reports:
The Queensland LNP has lost yet another candidate, this time in the safe Labor federal seat of Oxley.

LNP officials say the UQ politics student James Downing withdrew for health reasons, although would not elaborate on the nature of his condition. Preselection interruptus is certainly doing the rounds in Queensland conservative circles.

Local party insiders though say the twenty-one year old was "told to resign" and that he is actually in perfectly good health.

With a federal election expected to be called within weeks, the LNP does not currently have a candidate in Oxley.

The young lad has been out campaigning and had set a cracking pace according to local party members.

Battle for Blair in great debate as Ipswich becomes the centrepiece of the the Federal election

POLITICAL opponents Shayne Neumann and Neil Zabel agree on one thing – they need to follow the lead of Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition leader Tony Abbott and have a debate before the election.
Mr Neumann said he would be happy to debate his Liberal National Party rival ahead of the August 21 poll.
"Any time, anywhere, any place," he said.
"I'd look forward to it because I think my opponent Neil Zabel has many questions to answer.
"Why would his party stop construction on the Ipswich Motorway? That's the number one question I want to ask him."
Mr Zabel was quick to fire back with a question of his own.
"Why has Mr Neumann allowed the national debt to grow at such a rapid rate?" he said.
Mr Zabel said he would welcome a local debate between the two major parties.
"You name the time and place and I'm there," he said.
Ms Gillard won Sunday night's leaders' debate by a 63 to 37 per cent margin, according to the Channel Nine worm that monitored audience reaction.
Not surprisingly, Mr Neumann also awarded the debate to the Labor Party leader.
"The worm doesn't lie. Julia clearly won the debate, while Tony Abbott spent the entire time whinging," he said.
Mr Zabel disagreed, saying Ms Gillard once again put style over substance, while Mr Abbott was focused on the future.
"Sunday night's debate was a decisive moment in the campaign. It was the first and only opportunity for the electorate to see the leaders go head to head and outline in detail their plans for Australia," he said.
"Julia Gillard put on a show to get through the election, but she failed to persuade Australians that she is any different to former PM Kevin Rudd or that Labor's approach has changed.
"Tony Abbott was the only leader to set out clear and precise commitments for the future. He addressed all the major issues; the economy, cost of living pressures on families, illegal boats, Labor's mining tax and the environment."

Tony Abbott loses the women's vote in the great debate tonight

The worm has turned.

Tony Abbott is losing the women's vote in Channel 7's PollieGraph Debate tonight against PM Julia Gillard.

The Liberals will be thinking of bringing back Malcolm Turnbull in a few weeks.

Brisbane Airport Corporation hits the name Eagle Farm for six: Jim Carden's plan to scrap Queensland aviation history

Brisbane Airport Corporation's
Executive Manager Jim Carden
wants to dump an important
part of Queensland history from
the Brisbane Airport

It was disturbing to read the report in the City North News of 15 July 2010 that the Brisbane Airport Corporation is unhappy with its current suburb name of Eagle Farm under the Queensland Place Names Act and wants to change the name of the suburb surrounding the area to "Brisbane Airport".
And who is leading this idiotic charge - none other than BAC's usual spokesman Jim Carden.
Good one, Jim!
Jim seems to have a habit of regularly attracting the wrong sort of media attention. 
Just look at the recent debacle when the BAC unilaterally closed part of the vehicular drop-off area at the domestic terminal, creating one of the biggest traffic jams seen at the airport for many years.
That was called a "solution" one day and scrapped the very next day after Jim apparently realised his blunder.
How could you possibly solve a parking problem by blocking off half the car parking bays?

A few weeks before that, the Brisbane Airport became the laughing stock of the world when television reports around the globe showed cab drivers being arrested after complaining about the lack of taxi parking at the airport.
Now, everyone knows that Jim's ego is estimated to be as big as a couple of 747s but this latest stunt to dump the name Eagle Farm is nothing short of a disgrace.
Next, Jim Carden will want his own local government and the title of mayor to run his own personal fiefdom.
This latest move is utterly offensive to every decent, fair-minded Queenslander.
The name Eagle Farm is synonymous worldwide as the home of aviation in Queensland.
Eagle Farm was first used as a landing strip in 1922 and became the home of Qantas in Brisbane in 1926.
On 9 June 1928, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, Charles Ulm and two others landed in the Southern Cross at Eagle Farm airport at the end of the first crossing of the Pacific Ocean from Oakland, California.
16,000 people rushed to Eagle Farm to greet the Southern Cross.
Now, Jim Carden wants to dump this important link to the City of Brisbane into the depths of Moreton Bay.
Jim, you are out of your depth on this issue and it's about time you read and understood the important history of the Eagle Farm airport and its contribution to the City of Brisbane.
One scintilla of decency would see this crazy plan dropped immediately.

Jim, you are invited to have your say on this sensitive issue so that the people of Queensland can understand what is driving you with such desperation to abandon the name of Eagle Farm for the Brisbane Airport.
Your response is only an email click away.
This is the full online City North News report:

We want more: Darren Chambemain, Sarah Weldon, Hayley Cook.

BRISBANE Airport wants to follow in Teneriffe's footsteps and become an official suburb.

Brisbane Airport Corporation spokesman Jim Carden said they were applying to the State Government to change the area's name.

He said a variety of suburbs were currently used by businesses in the area including Eagle Farm, Hendra and Pinkenba.

``It's about clarity for hundreds of businesses in the airport,'' Mr Carden said.

``You've got 17,000 people and that workforce will effectively double in 20 years.''

Other cities have recognised their airports as suburbs or localities including Melbourne and Adelaide.

The name Brisbane Airport has also not been attached to a postcode, making it the only major mainland airport not to have its own digits.

``Brisbane Airport not only deserves this formal recognition, but more importantly the services of a post office to service this growing workforce,'' Mr Carden said.

``Formal recognition of the location is required by Australia Post to enable such postal services to be secured.''

He said they were not looking to compete with the CBD.

``I think it's about building our identity as a place of significance in Brisbane.''

There are 320 businesses in the area.

Significant institutions like the Royal Brisbane Hospital and the University of Queensland are other places with their own postcodes.


New Liberal candidate in NSW Venus Priest is Facebook mates with dumped Liberal candidate in Queensland Michael Johnson

Politics works in mysterious ways.

The new Liberal candidate for the Federal seat of Chifley in western Sydney Venus Priest is friends on Facebook with disgraced LNP candidate for the Federal seat of Ryan in Queensland Michael Johnson.
Is she secretly in cahoots with Michael after she was pre-selected by the Liberal Party hierarchy in New South Wales following the spectacular dumping of David Barker in the safe Labor seat of Chifley?
The former disgraced Liberal candidate used his Facebook site to accuse Labor of moving the nation closer to a Muslim country and attacked his ALP opponent in Chifley, Ed Husic, over his religion.
Now, he cannot work out why he was dumped by the Liberal Party.
If he is that stupid, it now makes sense why he joined the Liberal Party in the first place.
This is Venus Priest's Facebook link to Michael Johnson in Queensland:
Michael Johnson Mp
Michael Johnson Mp Libs cut foreign student intake into Australia. This will upset a lot of universities, colleges who depend on foreign income.
about an hour ago - via Selective Tweets

Support for tough new Queensland laws on cemetery vandalism

Cemetery vandals should be jailed

The Goodna Cemetery Trust is supporting new state laws announced today which crackdown on vandalism in cemeteries.

Secretary of the Goodna Cemetery Trust Cr Paul Tully described the new laws as "much-needed" across Queensland in view of on-going vandalism in local cemeteries.

The 150 year old historic Goodna cemetery was the scene of the destruction of 19 graves involving $100,000 damage last December.

Cr Tully said the incidence of vandalism in cemeteries was increasing mainly at night, making it difficult for police to catch offenders red-handed.

"The courts then tend to give the offenders a slap over the knuckles with a feather.

"These new laws send a clear message to the judiciary that offenders should be jailed for destructive rampages through cemeteries," Cr Tully said.


This is the full text of today's State Government Media Release:

New law, tougher penalties target graveyard vandalism

Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations

The Honourable Cameron Dick


New law, tougher penalties target graveyard vandalism

People who damage graves and headstones will face up to seven years in jail as part of a package of legal reforms that will target graveyard vandalism.

Attorney-General Cameron Dick said the package of measures would provide police and prosecutors with the tools needed to take action against people who damage or destroy graves and other memorials.

"Interfering with graves or headstones is appalling and offenders who engage in this sort of insensitive and stupid behaviour will face the full force of these new laws," Mr Dick said.

The package of measures includes:

• increasing the maximum penalty for wilful damage of property such as graves from five years' jail to seven years' jail

• the creation of a new offence of unlawfully interfering with a grave, carrying a maximum penalty of 12 months' jail, in the Summary Offences Act 2005

• removing the need for prosecutors to establish an absence of consent from the grave owner.

"Gravestones have a deep and lasting significance to people's families and their descendants, and should always be treated with dignity and respect, no matter the age of the grave," Mr Dick said.

"However, a recent review of the relevant laws showed that changes were needed to ensure prosecutions against this inexcusable conduct could be properly pursued.

"The increased penalty for wilful damage reflects the seriousness with which the Bligh Government and the community regard this sort of offending behaviour.

"The increased penalty for wilful damage will apply to damage or destruction caused to a cemetery, gravestone, place of worship, or war memorial.

"The government has also decided to create a new offence of unlawfully interfering with a grave, carrying a maximum penalty of 12 months' imprisonment.

"The offence will apply to a person who unlawfully interferes with a grave, vault, niche or memorial, unless the cemetery's authority has approved."

Mr Dick said significant community concern arose in April this year when four people charged with damaging gravestones had charges dismissed over the question of whether the damage had been caused without the owners' consent.

"The proposed amendments have been developed after detailed consideration of the issue by the government and widespread debate in the community," Mr Dick said.

"The increased penalty reflects the seriousness with which the State Government and the community regard such offending behaviour.

"The government recognises that vandalism is a serious issue for our community and condemns all forms of wilful damage.

"The proposed legislation reflects community expectations in how places of remembrance should be respected and why those people who commit serious acts of vandalism should be punished."

Mr Dick said he expected the new legislation to be introduced into Parliament by the end of the year.

Office of Fair Trading Smart Business Bulletin

July 2010

Welcome to the July edition of the Smart Business Bulletin, linking Queensland businesses with fair trading information and tips.

Message from the Minister

July not only marks the start of a new financial year, but this year also signals the transition of a number of regulatory functions from the Office of Fair Trading to the Commonwealth.  These transitions are just some of Council of Australian Governments (COAG) projects currently underway to ensure a more streamlined approach to regulation.

We will continue to update you on our remaining COAG reforms through this e-bulletin, the OFT website, and where possible, information sessions or direct mail.

For more information on COAG and its plans for reform, visit 

What's in the news?

Before you donate, check the organisation is legit

Have you ever wanted to donate but weren't sure your money was going to the right place?

The Office of Fair Trading's new online register allows you to check if a charity is registered to fundraise or if an association is incorporated in Queensland.

Dodgy Brisbane painter ordered to pay up

In a win for registered builders, a dodgy Brisbane painter was recently ordered to pay more than $10,000 for falsely claiming he had a Building Services Authority licence and failing to register his business name. This prosecution by the Office of Fair Trading acts as a warning to other operators who might try to work around the system to undercut those people doing the right thing, or to make their dodgy deals harder to trace.


What's fair got to do with it?

On 1 July consumers gained greater powers when it comes to standard form contracts (contracts where consumers have limited or no option to negotiate, such as gym memberships, mobile phones and credit cards).

If you believe a contract term is unfair, you can contact the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC), or for contracts relating to financial services, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

For more information on Unfair Contract Terms law and who it applies to, visit or

Not new… just improved.

Fair Trading's annual forms update

Fair Trading's annual forms update is now complete, with one major improvement – you can now save a partially completed form for later!

It's easy to tell if you're using an up-to-date form with the correct fee information – just look for "Effective from 1 July 2010" in the top left hand corner, under the form name.

Trade measurement goes to the Feds

On 1 July 2010 Fair Trading passed the trade measurement baton to the National Measurement Institute, Australia's peak measurement body.

For more information on the transition to the national system, visit

Consumer credit goes to the Feds

Responsibility for the regulation of consumer credit passed to the Commonwealth on 1 July 2010.

If you have not yet registered for a credit license you will need to stop providing or facilitating consumer credit immediately and contact the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for advice.

The Queensland Government will continue to regulate the interest rate cap.

Get involved in Queensland Week 2011 – sponsorships now open

Queensland Week is a special time for all Queenslanders to celebrate what's great about our State.

Each year, a range of diverse activities are held that involve families, businesses, schools and a range of community groups throughout the State, each celebrating Queensland's people, places and achievements.

The Queensland Government is offering sponsorships up to $10,000 to help you get involved in Queensland Week 2011.

Business tips

Not… happy… Jan… The scam targeting small business

Queensland businesses are being targeted by a fake fax claiming to be from Yellow Pages. The fax offers to make company details available on Google Maps.

Fake Yellow Pages websites also form part of the scam, designed to make you part with your money.

For information on fax back and other scams targeting businesses, visit our 'common scams' page.

Fair Trading drives good business practise in the car rental industry

More than 500 car rental businesses were invited to attend free information seminars in Cairns, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Proprietors were given advice and information to help them ensure their business complies with the law, particularly in relation to advertising and business management practises.

For more information, visit our 'car rental' page.

How smart is your incorporated association?

A new guide is now available to help Incorporated Associations run smoothly. The 'Incorporated Associations Smart Business Guide' covers everything from financial management, to running meetings, to your association's rules.

You can view or download a copy from our website.

Hard copies will also be available for order from the Queensland Government bookshop in the coming weeks.

Don't get brought down by advertising

When it comes to advertising we've seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. But at the end of the day there is just one golden rule… don't be misleading.

For information on how to ensure your advertising is ok, visit our 'advertising and marketing' page.

Ipswich selected for early rollout of NBN broadband network at Springfield Lakes

Media Release
8 July 2010

NBN Co announces next rollout locations

NBN Co, the company established to design, build and operate the national broadband network, today announced 19 locations for the next stage of its rollout on the mainland. These second release sites comprise 14 new locations and five sites adjacent to existing first release sites.

The new sites are:


– Bacchus Marsh, South Morang (Melbourne);


– Brisbane (inner north), Springfield Lakes, Toowoomba;


– Riverstone (western Sydney), Coffs Harbour;

South Australia

– Modbury, Prospect;

Western Australia

– Victoria Park (Perth), Geraldton, Mandurah;

Northern Territory

– Casuarina; and


– Gungahlin

The five existing locations getting an additional, adjacent rollout site are Minnamurra/Kiama Downs (Kiama) and Armidale in NSW, Townville Qld, Brunswick in Melbourne, and Willunga in South Australia. As the whole township of Willunga is already part of the rollout, the nearby area of Seaford/McLaren Vale will be the adjacent site.

Initially each site will see the network rolled out past approximately 3000 premises, but the exact area to be covered will be determined after further discussion with local authorities to ensure local considerations are factored into the final decision.

NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley said: "We have selected these second sites to build upon the work we are doing in the first release sites and to progress the rollout in areas of future network growth."

"These sites have been selected based on a range of criteria including engineering and construction requirements, network design and the level of existing broadband infrastructure. The engagement of local government and the receptiveness of communities to broadband initiatives were also factors taken into consideration," Mr Quigley said.

The NBN Co network design is based on a series of building block or modules. The basic operational module covers approximately 3000 premises. These modules are replicated into a fibre serving area or FSA. FSAs are in turn linked by fibre, or aggregated, to feed into points of interconnect where the network traffic is handed over to the Retail Service Providers.

"The first and second release sites are the areas from which we can expect to see future rollout – extending and expanding the network. We will also see the announcement of additional release sites as the national rollout ramps up," Mr Quigley said.

The first release sites were announced in March this year. Following detailed design work, NBN Co expects construction to commence this month in the first release areas. Construction in the second release locations is scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2011. A three-stage rollout in Tasmania has been previously announced, with NBN Tasmania to officially launch its stage-one services later this month.

Aerospace and defense hub approved for Amberley

A CENTRE for excellence in aerospace and defence support services next
to RAAF Base Amberley is a step closer following preliminary approval
granted by Ipswich City Council.

Mayor Paul Pisasale and council's planning committee chairperson Cr
Paul Tully said the state government could now move forward with
detailed planning for the Aerospace and Defence Support Centre
(ADSC-A) which would provide a huge boost to the Ipswich community by
increasing the diversity of skills in the workforce and would generate
up to 3500 new jobs.

"This site next to RAAF Base Amberley has the potential to position
Ipswich as the Seattle of the southern hemisphere by creating a
central hub for aviation excellence led by high technology aerospace
and defence contractors," Cr Pisasale said.

"Ipswich is gaining a well-earned international reputation for
creating the world's best master planned communities. This approval is
for the first master planned high technology employment hub which will
support defence," he said.

Cr Paul Tully said the state government could now move forward and
submit detailed development applications for the centre.

"The approval includes a master plan for the ADSC-A and special zoning
to unlock the full potential of the site.

"Suppliers to the industry will be able to plug-in to the emerging
opportunities the centre will provide, including a full range of
support services for the base via aircraft taxiway, roads and other
essential infrastructure.

"The recent building program at RAAF Amberley is rapidly positioning
the base as a mega base in Australia," Cr Tully said.


PM announces new policy on asylum seekers

Say goodnight Tony Abbott!

Jim Carden needs to come clean on who was responsible for Brisbane Airport traffic shambles

Jim Carden, BAC Executive Manager

The clowns responsible for yesterday's removal of drop off and pick up spaces outside the Brisbane domestic terminal never expected such fierce public opposition.

It took less than 24 hours for lavish servings of humble pie to be consumed by the faceless decision-makers at the Brisbane Airport Corporation.

Jim Carden, the BAC Executive Manager who is normally the airport media tart when good news is being announced, was apparently lying low leaving it to Rebecca McConochie to field all the difficult media enquiries.

So, who did authorise yesterday's traffic changes which created more havoc than a strike by air traffic controllers?

Jim, if it was you, why don't you come down out of your ivory tower and confess your involvement rather than making good people like Rebecca McConochie look foolish when she vehemently justifies the changes on Brisbane radio one morning and defends their abandonment the next day.

Today, Rebecca announced another pending BAC disaster with plans to scrap the existing zebra crossing linking the carpark and the airport terminal in favour of an overhead pedestrian bridge link.

Does this mean that passengers using the drop off / pick up facility will have to cart their heavy bags up a set of stairs or queue up, to use a new lift?

Either way, you can be sure when commuter anger overflows next year as a result of this looming disaster, Jim Carden will stay locked up in his office leaving difficult media interviews to underlings like Rebecca McConochie.

As for Rebecca's other announcement today that there are no plans by BAC to charge drivers to use the existing drop off / pick up facility at Brisbane Airport, obviously the matter has already been considered by the BAC.

And if making more money is involved, you can be sure this brilliant money-making idea will never be far from Jim Carden's mind.

After all, if you put a mouse in front of a cat, you know what will eventually happen.

Beware fake fax, says Yellow Pages

Australian businesses are being targeted by a fake fax disguised as a communication from Yellow Pages.

The fake fax seeks a payment to Yellow Pages to make each company's details available to online users of Google Maps.

Sensis, which runs various online directories including Yellow Pages, said on Tuesday that customers in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia had reported the fake fax.

Yellow Pages spokesman Stephen Ronchi said customers should contact the company directly if they received any unusual communication from sources claiming to represent Yellow Pages.

Websites masquerading as Yellow Pages were also part of the scam, South Australian Consumer Affairs Minister Gail Gago said in a statement.

"Sensis is taking steps to put an end to this scam as soon as possible so that customers do not mistakenly make payments to this company," she said.

Similar scams involving Yellow Pages have included bogus sales consultants requesting details and payments from businesses.

Australian News: Trade measurement goes national

Trade measurement goes national

After nearly 150 years of service to Queensland, Trade Measurement operations will become part of the National Measurement Institute.

At a function in Brisbane last night Minister for Fair Trading Peter Lawlor acknowledged the work of the Trade Measurement branch and thanked them for their contribution to Queensland.

"Today brings to an end almost 90 years of trade measurement administration by the State Government which followed over 60 years of administration by local government."

From the 1 July administration of trade measurement will transfer from Queensland's Office of Fair Trading to the Commonwealth's National Measurement Institute.

Mr Lawlor said this was part of a 2007 Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreement to establish a single regulatory national system of trade measurement.

"Traders can expect to benefit from reduced compliance costs and a strengthening of the trade measurement resources under one banner," he sa id.

"It is estimated that each year $400 billion worth of transactions rely one form of trade measurement.

"From big business on the global stage to the local corner shop, trade and commerce is so often based on measurement - weight, volume, length, quantity. Consumers and traders alike look to the system of trade measurement as fundamental to their confidence in the integrity of the marketplace."

"I am confident the new arrangement will maintain the same high-level of service," he said.

Mr Lawlor acknowledged the contribution of 21 Queensland trade measurement staff who accepted offers to work with the National Measurement Institute.

"I thank them for their continued contribution and wish them the best as they continue this important work with the Federal Government."

"Queensland has been a leading force in assisting the National Measurement Institute prepare for the transition.

"Three of Queensland's trade measurement staff provided specialist services to the National Measurement Institute leading developmental projects in preparation for the transition."

Mr Lawlor also congratulated Queensland's former Trade Measurement Manager Mr Malcolm Bartlett who led the legislation development project and earlier this year was appointed by the National Measurement Institute as Manager of Trade Measurement Services.

"This is a significant recognition for Mr Bartlett's commitment and dedication and I wish him well in his new role."

Minister for Tourism and Fair Trading
The Honourable Peter Lawlor

Australian ticket scalping review could end ticket rip-offs


Metallica turns up the volume. Tickets for the band's shows in November should be $150 each.
The scalpers' price is $1500 for four.

TICKET scalping could be legalised, replaced with special ballots or eliminated via a hi-tech mobile phone system under a range of options being considered to stamp out the trade.

The NSW Office of Fair Trading will today launch an online survey to find out for the first time how much scalpers are preying on sports lovers and diehard music fans, often teenagers.

It follows the successful call from NSW Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge for a national review of scalping.

The practice's legality varies from state to state. In NSW it is illegal to sell tickets at key sporting grounds, while in Queensland police also monitor the internet for onsold tickets.

On eBay yesterday, tickets for the touring US supergroup the Eagles were being sold for $4000 a pair - three times the maximum "platinum" price of $669 a ticket.

Tickets for Metallica, which are officially $150 per ticket, were being sold for $1500 for  et of four.

An issues paper for the national review canvassed a number of options, including:

- Legalising ticket-scalping to create more competition;

- Regulated online auctions to onsell tickets;

- A lottery to distribute tickets;

- Sending ticket details to a mobile phone with a special barcode; and 

- Using only virtual tickets which are effectively impossible to transfer, as done for the first time in a major tour by teenage singer Miley Cyrus last year.

The issues paper noted that ticket onselling can sometimes be positive for consumers because it effectively lets the market decide what the right price is.

Prices may have to go up across the board to eliminate the practice if it is found that tickets are being sold too cheaply in the first place.

Illegal music downloads are contributing to this because performers are under pressure to have sell-out concerts. This leads to tickets being issued early and cheap.

No one knows the true impact of scalping on the economy - hence the review. However, box office sales in the performing arts industry alone amounted to $356 million in 2006-07.

The paper noted that scalping was legal in almost every state in the US after it was argued "an increase in the number of legal resellers would increase competition and prices would fall".

Ms Judge said Fair Trading received only 40 complaints in the past five years.

Minister Schwarten 'ballistic' in Rockhampton restaurant


Minister 'ballistic' in restaurant

From: CourierMail
July 02, 2010

WHERE'S Schwarto been - turns out he has been in a heated stoush with constituents at a Rockhampton restaurant.

Viewers snubbed: Channel 9 scraps late night news bulletin

CHANNEL 9 has axed its late news bulletin, Nightline and made host
Kellie Connolly redundant in a snap decision being blamed on
"beancounters now running the show"

Just weeks after Nine boss David Gyngell boasted the revival of his
network had rested on improving its news service, the program has been
pulled and its presenter given her marching orders, reported The Daily

Staff have been left reeling after they were told of the axing
yesterday, despite being praised by management earlier in the week for
their role in last Thursday's Federal leadership spill.

The program has been at the mercy of an inconsistent timeslot since
its latest relaunch last November but regularly drew a Sydney audience
of about 100,000 people.

A saddened Connolly told The Daily Telegraph the small team had taken
pride in their efforts and the "drip effect" it had in improving
Nine's breakfast peformance.

"It was a total surprise and shock to the team and we're all very
sad...I am personally desperately sad to be leaving having been with
Nine after 13 years."

Nine's national director of news, Mark Calvert defended the move and
claimed the network was "investing more money in news and current
affairs'' despite having one less program.

"Nightline had a loyal audience, but a small one.

"The reality of our business is that we have to aim our firepower at
those times of the day when people are watching in significant
numbers. We're actually investing more money in news and current

"We'll be spending more than we ever have on our federal election
coverage, we're opening a new London bureau to strengthen our coverage
across Europe and the Middle East, and we're hiring additional staff
across the department. All of this will mean better coverage for our
viewers, and help us get where we need to be: number one in the

However, Sky News CEO Angelo Frangopoulos told the Diary that the
decision to axe the program, currently hosted by 20-year TV veteran
Kellie Connolly, was at odds with Nine's declared commitment to news
and current affairs.

"We're investing in news and current affairs," Mr Frangopoulos said.
"I thought Nine said they were, too. What happened to that

He said it was no excuse to say Nightline couldn't find an audience
because of the way it bounces around the schedule.

"That's always been the case for Nightline," he said.

Breaking News: Dr Jayant Patel gets 7 years jail

Disgraced Bundaberg surgeon Dr Jayant Patel has been sentenced to 7 years jail in the Queensland Supreme Court.
He was sentenced on three manslaughter charges and one charge of causing grievous bodliy harm this afternoon by Justice John Byrne.

Major water and sewerage changes from today will affect all local residents

For 150 years, Ipswich City Council has been responsible for supplying town water and sewering the city.

From today, all that changes as a result of a new system established by the State Government with responsibility moving to a new company QUU - Queensland Urban Utilities.

By law, QUU cannot have any council officers or councillors on its independent board of directors which makes the split from councils 100 percent complete.

If you see a broken water main or sewer main or experience a water supply problem, don't call Ipswich City Council, ring QUU on 13 23 64.

QUU services Brisbane, Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Somerset and Lockyer Valley local council areas.

Thanks to Peter Beattie's determination to emasculate local government, its traditional responsibility for water supply and sewerage has gone forever.

This is one of the worst government decisions in decades - one which will have massive repercussions for the community for many years to come.

Any problems - and there will be many - will be handled by a group of faceless QUU bureaucrats in Brisbane and not by elected members who are directly responsible to the local communities they represent.

Farewell Ipswich Water.