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Australian Politics: Federal Liberal MP Andrew Robb has delusions of Tony Abbott's future as Prime Minister

Andrew Robb has perfected that
sinking feeling - without even
realising it!
Federal Liberal MP, who fancies himself as Australia's next Prime Minister, must be suffering severe political delusions if he thinks Tony Abbott is on the comeback trail.

Andrew Robb has always been an inward looking, navel-gazing, right-wing Australian politician.

If he had been on board the Titanic's maiden voyage, he would have shunned the lifeboats - proclaiming help was on its way!

The Courier-Mail reports: Campaign against PM dying, says Robb.

SENIOR Liberal frontbencher Andrew Robb has told colleagues agitating for a leadership change to pull their heads in, saying a positive poll for the prime minister shows their campaign is "dying".

A FAIRFAX-IPSOS poll puts the coalition almost neck-and-neck with Labor in two-party terms at 49-51, a significant improvement on the 54-46 result in January.

Mr Robb has hit out at those pushing for a change, saying the poll shows voters think the prime minister should be given some clear air.

"They've been putting out continued spurious leaks and other things to try and keep some momentum, but I think it's dying because the voters have spoken," he told ABC radio.

"These elusive unnamed colleagues have got a clear responsibility to the rest of the team and the country to pull their heads in."

Mr Robb never thought a leadership vote was likely this week after the "solid dismissal" of the spill motion last month.

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