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Queensland MPs base pay jumps to $152,688 per annum

The Courier-Mail reports: QUEENSLAND MPs are in line to receive a 2.58 per cent pay rise, boosting their base salary by $3840.

The Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal today released its latest determination revealing it would raise MPs’ pay from April 6.

“The Tribunal has determined that the base salary and additional salaries of office holders will increase by 2.58 per cent,” it’s report states.

“By applying the same percentage increase to the additional salaries of office holders, the relativity in levels of these additional salaries is maintained.

“This increase moves the base salary from $148,848 to $152,688.”

But MPs may have to pay back some of that increase if it doesn’t match the pay rises awarded to public servants this year with Ms Palaszczuk revealing she intends to pass new laws retrospectively linking MP pay to that of bureaucrats from this year.

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